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Official newspaper collection
Each CDROM contains one year of publication in Arabic language and its French translation (when the capacity allows it) under image format PDF. The CDROM includes also a program allowing the choice of the newspaper and the language, and a version of Acrobat Reader for the display and the print of the newspaper.
It suffices to insert the CDROM in the reader in order that the first newspaper of the year is displayed.
Available Years : Since 1962.
Referential database
SCALER is a simple utilization tool, allowing a bilingual (Arab and French) research with any criteria on texts published to the official newspaper of the Democratic Algerian Republic and Popular since 1962 to this day. It allows the access by :
  • Nature of the text (Law, Prescription, Decree,...)
  • Sector (a part of ministries)
  • Innovatory ministry
  • Number of the newspaper and its date of publication
  • Number of the text and its date of signature
  • and finally, by a combination of words - key.
The result can be sorted following a multitude of criteria before to be displayed or printed.
The CDROM contains a bilingual database directly obtained from the site of the General Secretariat of the Government and actualized all the six months.

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